an Al Khamsa supporter
Kim Davis
7275 Manchester Rd
Straight Davenport Arabians
of the
Kuhaylan Kurush Strain
tracing in all lines to the Desert Horses of Homer Davenport
Part of the Al Khamsa, CMK and Blue List  preservation groups
Carol Lyons' Davenport Faqs  
 The Davenport
Sarra Al Krushah
(Asar Al Krush X Riettah Al Krush)
a Kuhaylah Krush
grey mare foaled in 1982
bred by JMHensley
Owned by Kim Davis since 1994

Table of Contents II

The Krush Lists
from the time of Asara


Krush: an Alphabetical List

Krush: Progency List

Krush: The tail Females and             their offspring

Krush: Location List


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Krush of Hawk's Haven


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